This is the first Asset I've made for @Foundry Modo Contest. It is a L'Evitation Ball made to virtually smash the assets inside a real builing. Since all is happening in A!R (fake air) nothing gets destroyed. Stay Tuned for more.. Modo become now my Concept Art tool not just the modeling tool with this new stable boolean mesh ops, and Mesh Fusion.
A!R SMASH Bat Game Asset
For me Modo was always Fun and The application to create Digital Assets. Starting with Modo 10 they introduced Mesh operations, I saw it as a baby toolset back then (one year ago), so I didn't gave to much attention. Also to model procedural it implies a totally new way to plan and model, and it is a little bit more techie in the beginning compared to classic modo modeling. PROJECT UPDATE: I am happy to note that I won this contest with these assets and renders.
The Foundry's Time Travel Challenge
Work done for Modo Time Travel challenge, referring to an impossible meeting.
Modern Computers Software
This is my second entry for The Foundry's Time travel challenge. I imagined that in future we will have bio computers, and software will look like these drops that will be diluted in water before inserted into a computer, to use all these molecules as hardware processors. Until this vision will be real, you can look to the foundry website at http://www.thefoundry.co.uk
#MeetMat17 the MateReaList with Substance
Allegorithmic, the company who develops the Substance Painter & Designer Professional Software for end to end solution to authorship and apply dynamic materials/textures for digital assets, in collaboration with Wacom, NVIDIA, Sketchfab & Artoyz organized a texturing contest called #MeetMat17.