Nileflo Fast Charger - Product Shot
This is the first project I had the chance to open a product and study the components inside before proceeding to 3d modeling and rendering. It helped me to understand the product better. This opportunity to have the product in hand helped with the final render decision, and lets the clients to see what's inside.
Nileflo Headset Product Shot - 3D Renders
This is the collection of images for the Nileflo Bluetooth Headset Set 2 that is sold on Amazon. With the exception of the photographs that includes the human models, all content is CG. The work started from dissembling the actual product, for inspection in order to 3D model and render these image you see on the gallery below.
Nileflo Headphones Product Shot
This is the collection of images for the Nileflo Bluetooth Headset that is sold on Amazon. With the exception of the photographs that includes the human models, all content is CG. The work started from dissembling the actual product, for inspection in order to 3D model and render these image you see on the gallery below.
Computer : Product Shot Render
More and more companies relies on renders for pre-visualization of their products . These renders are product shots for one fan-less cooling computer device. The original renders are done in 4K resolution.
Creativity & Intelligence Poster
A poster about how creativity and intelligence use in order to get things done. Intelligence is based on the power of evidence and action, and creativity is based on the unknown and unpredictability !
intel NUC+lear Product Shots
Using an old Intel NUC PC model I've made 2 years ago I thought to make a "NUC+lear" render with Intel color palette in a radioactive color. palette. #madewithmodo and #octane.
There "war" times for Mac & PC, now is time for PeaCe!
This illustration, is a render test of octane render on modo on Windows. MacBook Unibody 13 was my first Mac experience, and I thought to immortalized the experience of the software and hardware I ended up. I think Mac is great, and PC is powerful. There is a place for both on my creative environment.
Royalty free 3D Icons and Symbols
I love doing icons symbols and logos, and I made this collection of icons for my royalty free images portfolio. The entire collection can be seen here
Inc.rease Security Logo Study
This illustration is a logo design exercise. All rights are reserved, the design is for sale. For more information and development on the idea feel free contact me via my contact page.
Red Panda Box - Product Shot 3D Renders
Did you knew that there is an animal that is called Red Panda ? Well, I found out after I had the pleasure to work on this game packaging render. This is cute game from that I worked for the product shots renders.
Cosmetics - Product Shot 3D Renders
This project, is a product shot done for Strawberry ltd. The graphic design is done by Strawberry Ltd
Tea Package - Product Shot 3D Renders
This project, is a set Products Shots for Strawberry .ltd client. Graphic design made by Strawberry .ltd
Health Product - Product Shot 3D Renders
Health Product Render, designed by
Cosmetics Product Shot Renderings Artistic Research
This project is a collection of proposal images I made as an artistic research for the contracted work for The graphic design is done by Strawberry Ltd
Jewellery that bRings Love - Product Shot 3D Renders
This project is an exercise for testing my present skills in: branding, jewellery design, rendering, advertising. The brand name is bRings, and the slogan is love. I hope you love it as I did when I doing this work.
This is the first Asset I've made for @Foundry Modo Contest. It is a L'Evitation Ball made to virtually smash the assets inside a real builing. Since all is happening in A!R (fake air) nothing gets destroyed. Stay Tuned for more.. Modo become now my Concept Art tool not just the modeling tool with this new stable boolean mesh ops, and Mesh Fusion.
ModoZone Traing Youtube Channel Branding
Branding artwork for a ModoZone Training Youtube Channel.
IKAN Amulette CAD Modeling for 3D printing
I had an appointment to make this asset for 3D printing, so I modelled in Rhino 3D , after that I’ve edited the UV maps in Modo, and painted materials in Substance Painter, and uploaded on Sktechfab. If you like to see some other cool games I invite you to see them at
IKAN Board Game - Product Shot 3D Renders
I had the opportunity to work with the Morning Team for their new board game, IKAN: I created and rendered 3D production files and promotional visuals. Hope you like it, if so I invite you to see their games:
Product Shot Render based on Perfume Bottle
Perfume Product Shot Render, R&D materials, lights and mood. The render work is based on a Coco Chanel No.19 Bottle.
Custom or Stock Boxes, you know where to get them now
This project started as a collection of renders of boxes, and it today is almost 2000 renders/projects/boxes ready to be downloaded 3500px square from . When custom work for branding, packaging is needed, I am ready to professionally help.
Render project of Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo Spectrum Product Shot - 3D Illustration
Tray for Fast Food Menu
I made this image for my portfolio where I have 1700+ rendered boxes,packages, and envelopes ready to be used in custom project by designers.
Interactive 3D IKAN Box
By having access to I made the IKAN Game Box available for fans to interact with. The model is based on real box dimensions, it was modeled with Foundry Modo and textured with Allegorithmic Substance Painter. I invite you to have fun and interact with the 3D Box via your web-browser. If you like to see more games visit .
Ring Rende-Ring Project
This is a rendered image based on a real jewellery item.
Animation for the Packaging School
This short animation was a R&D project for The Packaging School .
Happy New Year 2014
Royalty free Image for the 2014 New Year Celebration.
Fragmented World Map
This illustration is a metaphor for a divided or united world , the difference is how you perceive it. The file is a high res image, 4k render at 4500*2800 pixels.And it is available on
Darth Vader - McDonald's Packaging Concept
If you like french fries, Darth Vader, Star Wars and McDonald's this is a poster to your taste.
Red Panda Animation
This is a Product Spin Animation made for for the board game RedPanda
Digital Liquid Cooling
Digital Liquid Cooling , and my research complete in this project. The project was brewed with: Modo, Octane, Substance Painter, Illustrator, Photoshop. Full HD Video can be seen here
a_gree_new type of medicine
The Foundry's Time Travel Challenge
Work done for Modo Time Travel challenge, referring to an impossible meeting.
Modern Computers Software
This is my second entry for The Foundry's Time travel challenge. I imagined that in future we will have bio computers, and software will look like these drops that will be diluted in water before inserted into a computer, to use all these molecules as hardware processors. Until this vision will be real, you can look to the foundry website at
#MeetMat17 the MateReaList with Substance
Allegorithmic, the company who develops the Substance Painter & Designer Professional Software for end to end solution to authorship and apply dynamic materials/textures for digital assets, in collaboration with Wacom, NVIDIA, Sketchfab & Artoyz organized a texturing contest called #MeetMat17.
Kill The Unicorns Board Game
A quick modeling, texturing and rendering project that also had a spinning box animation for the Kickstarter campaign Page. #clientL
Hocus, Pocus, Focus !
This is my very first work who got ever published. Hocus, Pocus, Focus !, my magic trick to get things done. Published on 3D Artist Magazine issue 105 year 2017.
Stick Figurines Render Illustrations
A small collection of simple and clean illustration done with Stick Figurines from my stock portfolio.
Why the 911 number for emergency ? Explanation.
This is my artistic explanation for 911: When back lit the characters for Phone Receiver Icons and the number 911 create the word CALL ! There are other scientific explanation why it is 911, but here is how I see it.
A!R SMASH Bat Game Asset
For me Modo was always Fun and The application to create Digital Assets. Starting with Modo 10 they introduced Mesh operations, I saw it as a baby toolset back then (one year ago), so I didn't gave to much attention. Also to model procedural it implies a totally new way to plan and model, and it is a little bit more techie in the beginning compared to classic modo modeling. PROJECT UPDATE: I am happy to note that I won this contest with these assets and renders.
Human Resources Concept Illustration
It's time to love New York
Based on the classic logo back from 1977, and from my interpretation of the logo in 2016, an idea hit me yesterday, and here is now is today.
Piggy Bank - Pinky Back Illustration
Having some fun with an old icon a little bit more. The difference is in "the tails". This illustration is made based on a 3D Icon I made.
Hocus Pocus Focus: my magic trick to get things dONE..
A common sense about magic tricks, and this poster is the one I found works for me and I use. I made this poster to have it on the wall as a daily reminder, as a subliminal message.
Courtesy to Modo 10
I made this logo in the morning, drinking coffee and wishing to something sweet to balance the black coffee.Modo 10 is something sweet to upgrade to... this autumn
STOP throwing Ideas, use them !!!
This illustration I made for as reminder to self for personal motivation when it comes to ideas. This is one of them.
MAT 3D Print & 2D Paint Project
Having fun painting an Allegorithmic 3D Model called Mat from previous year contest. This print purpose is to handle messages with co-working colleagues about my present working status in a form of friendly text on colored flags. With this image, the original intent was to have an shot with a flower. But today, 15th Mars 2018 winter is back, so enjoy your spring there !