Retro Computer Icon
This illustration I made in search for "cuteness" of Retro Computers. I love well build computers that tell a story, and this icon illustration is a statement for that passion I have for computers.

Piggy Bank Icon
My background in high school is Math, Physics, Chemistry, and after that I graduated the Art University, Graphic Design Faculty.  I always liked the design of money, their details and composition, how clean they look and how hard that art is to make. I know my Piggy Bank will be oN~No BankNote, but this is one shot near to  that attention for details... I learned that money is important to make good art, and art must be good to be on money... not only literally

Battery Icon
What is the first thing you are thinking when you hear battery ? Mobile Phone... exactly, how about new battery ? .. Wait... a new Phone ? I thought it might be a charged battery. If your phone battery is empty you can use the ones below.

Secure Data Base Icon
I do not know if any of these exists, sure they are encrypted, password protected and everything, but I remember what a friend of mine that is a good programmer said: "If it is made by man, it can be unlocked by man". This might be true, so there you have it The World  Most Secure Data Base Icon, with glowing blue security sentiment and a lock symbol. Trust me, it's all there. 
Camera Icon
Do you remember the Magapixel War between camera manufactures, the days when we thought we all need digital cameras, with so many mega pixels. The war was so acute that we even thought we will get to 1 Gigapixel, but till today no one has made a gigapixel camera. And if they did it is not commercial. But I did it, if you read the text on the icon, this is the World First 1 Giga Pixel Camera... Almost.
Wireless Headphone Icon
Headphones, wireless headphones, simple clean... I was inspired by the British brand KEF m500 headphones. When they released KEF m500 
 they also released in ear KEF m200, and I thought, that it would be lovely if there was a KEF m300, with flexible rubber head band, and no wires. I think they shall make this product from this icon. What do you think?
Goldern Star Icon
I think everyone want  to be somehow famous, and this is why all the fuss with Facebook and coffee and kitten pictures. I believe this is a golden star icon, but will not make me or others more famous, for that we need to work. And by the way, success, popularity, and being famous is not the end game. You can still have this golden star, and if you can imagine inside of it is chocolate, I think this makes happier already.  
Microphone Icon
From karaoke party, to singing, or talking, or even dropping it, as Barack Obama did, this microphone can be very useful, So give it a try, it is a royalty free icon on shutterstock. 
Accounting and Math Calculator Icon
Always use the services for an accountant to do you books, but to for other useful things use an calculator, like putting one on the wall of your kitchen, We all love math... When is done by others, this is why we have personal computers these days, or phones ... Do we call calculators phones today ?
Calendar Icon
I made this icon to find a new simple way to express a daily calendar icon.
Digital Pencil Icon
I made this icon based on the Pogo Connect 1 and 2  Pencil. I love the pen, it fel so good in hands, and I think it is a great tool that revolutionized the way we think about iPads, and because of this I think it deserves to be an icon. If you like to check the pen you can buy one here at http;//
Shopping Basket Icon
It took me some coffees and sketches to come with this version for the shopping basket icon. I had to balance the grid pattern on the symbol to keep the same feeling as a small pattern. It might look simple, because it is done right, but sure it was some work from my side  to have it done right. Going from 2D to 3D is challenging sometimes.
Internet Cloud System Icon
There are many ways to express the internet metaphor. Do you remember the day when the symbol for internet was a globe ? We designers were quite frustrating with the symbol. A globe is a globe and is based on a sphere, how can you add on that. Now if you want to express the internet and use a globe, ... is a no no practice.The first time I saw the idea of internet express by "the cloud", was on an interview with Bill Gates when he referred to internet as cloud the cloud. We know internet internet is not in the cloud, actually is made by servers and cables on the oceans, but the idea of instability and unpredictability is well defined by the weather/cloud metaphor.
All these icons, and more are royalty free icons ready to be used from my ShutterStock  Market portfolio, check the menu to get to the link.
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