Hocus, Pocus, Focus !
This is my very first work who got ever published. Hocus, Pocus, Focus !, my magic trick to get things done. Published on 3D Artist Magazine issue 105 year 2017.
Stick Figurines Render Illustrations
A small collection of simple and clean illustration done with Stick Figurines from my stock portfolio.
Why the 911 number for emergency ? Explanation.
This is my artistic explanation for 911: When back lit the characters for Phone Receiver Icons and the number 911 create the word CALL ! There are other scientific explanation why it is 911, but here is how I see it.
Human Resources Concept Illustration
It's time to love New York
Based on the classic logo back from 1977, and from my interpretation of the logo in 2016, an idea hit me yesterday, and here is now is today.
Piggy Bank - Pinky Back Illustration
Having some fun with an old icon a little bit more. The difference is in "the tails". This illustration is made based on a 3D Icon I made.
I love NY, my way !
You better like it, because it's the only way... Why did I used the "only" word ? Well, why not ? ... is a commitment word, only is "for the one". And as has been told... New York is the greatest city in the world. I never been in NY, but soon. This is courtesy for the 1977 logo.
Courtesy to Modo 10
I made this logo in the morning, drinking coffee and wishing to something sweet to balance the black coffee.Modo 10 is something sweet to upgrade to... this autumn
STOP throwing Ideas, use them !!!
This illustration I made for as reminder to self for personal motivation when it comes to ideas. This is one of them.
Contact Page for Portfolio Site
This graphic is the contact page illustration I made for my portfolio website. Since it's all about brAGGing, ..., I mean brANDing I thought it is good to share it.