These images, the animation and the 3D Sketchfab live model, represent work that I made to be part of this contest. My intent with this entry, was to create a standalone character that will be able promote their software, to show the Substance Painter capabilities. I chose the message "Be the MateReaList with Subtance" because it has a strong message with enough humor to promote a software that is capable to create realistic materials and offer a joyful experience with PBR viewport.
The first 5 images are final photorealistic renders from inside Substance Painter with iRay render, the 6th image is a screen capture from Substance Painter Interface, the 7th is a screen grab from inside Modo showing Octane Render Tab, 8th image is an additional message to the present one, and the final asset is a short animation suggesting a "mug shot", because with Substance Source there is an Boost in productivity with concentrated substances and talents inside the market. *other accepted spellings are: MathReaList, MateriaList

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