Anastaza - Dex Online Word of the Day 07.07.2018
Illustration for thw word anastaza, on word of the day 07.07.2018
Difficult - or the cult of if
This poster is about the cult of if.., in one word difficult. I made this poster to show that if you cut the problem it is always easier no matter the direction of if.
2.0lly Oaia cu "Tu peux" !? revine
Back on the days I was still a student at George Enescu Design University, that's about 12 years + ago, I had designed the concept for the students expo that I called Oaia cu "tu peux!?" Tupeu, is a word used in Romania to describe an individual that can do things no matter what. Back to present, I was called to have an open event with students and discuss about my experience over the years in design. This is how 2.0lly project appeared.
Contact Page for Portfolio Site
This graphic is the contact page illustration I made for my portfolio website. Since it's all about brAGGing, ..., I mean brANDing I thought it is good to share it.
Vector Icons Projects
A page that contains a collection of different styles of vector icons from thin to think line and flat shape designs.
My Resume
This is the layout of my resume. I know is far from today's standard, but I think this is the point in graphic and design.
I love NY, my way !
You better like it, because it's the only way... Why did I used the "only" word ? Well, why not ? ... is a commitment word, only is "for the one". And as has been told... New York is the greatest city in the world. I never been in NY, but soon. This is courtesy for the 1977 logo.