Creativity & Intelligence Poster
A poster about how creativity and intelligence use in order to get things done. Intelligence is based on the power of evidence and action - act, and creativity is based on the unknown and unpredictability
Anastaza - Dex Online Word of the Day 07.07.2018
Illustration for thw word anastaza, on word of the day 07.07.2018
Difficult - or the cult of if
This poster is about the cult of if.., in one word difficult. I made this poster to show that if you cut the problem it is always easier no matter the direction of if.
Vector Icons Projects
A page that contains a collection of different styles of vector icons from thin to think line and flat shape designs.
My Resume
This is the layout of my resume. I know is far from today's standard, but I think this is the point in graphic and design.
I love NY, my way !
You better like it, because it's the only way... Why did I used the "only" word ? Well, why not ? ... is a commitment word, only is "for the one". And as has been told... New York is the greatest city in the world. I never been in NY, but soon. This is courtesy for the 1977 logo.
Contact Page for Portfolio Site
This graphic is the contact page illustration I made for my portfolio website. Since it's all about brAGGing, ..., I mean brANDing I thought it is good to share it.
2.0lly Oaia cu "Tu peux" !? revine
Back on the days I was still a student at George Enescu Design University, that's about 12 years + ago, I had designed the concept for the students expo that I called Oaia cu "tu peux!?" Tupeu, is a word used in Romania to describe an individual that can do things no matter what. Back to present, I was called to have an open event with students and discuss about my experience over the years in design. This is how 2.0lly project appeared.