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The Sheep with Tu Peux !? met with her clonned friend 2.0lly. They upset DarthVader because they didn't decide if Latte or Freud, so they called 911 and then by magic Hocus Pocus, they remembered to Focus ... Where were we? Ah La Noi*, De ce? #cafeauaebuna. Hopa ca ne-am revenit la normal.

You can see this expo is all about design & creativity with a pinch of s’art in all dimensions 3D 2D UnDe?

Event: Design Expo 3D 2D Unde?
Location: Iasi Romania
Date: February 2019
Host: Bistro la Noi

Expo 3D 2D Unde !?

With the experience and skills from multiple disciplines, what in design terms are called multi-disciplinary design, I’ve wanted to create an exhibition with a few posters that has an artistic vibe. The works were selected to add to the positive mood of the host location, Bistro La Noi.

In the expo wall are presented 6 files, with 3D and 2D work in equal numbers. Two of them are events posters, other two are ideas illustrated in 3D, one is my first  featured work in a 3D magazine, and one is  just a designer thought.

The opportunity: After some espresso and a staring moment at the bricks wall, I knew I had to have an expo in this location.

None of this would happen without the warm welcome from the location managers that welcomed the expo in their “living-room”.


Call 911

In branding, naming is an important part of the process, this is why I study words, play with them, and search for the creative meanings they sometime offer.

This one time I found my interest in the number 911, the emergency number in USA. That was odd as the number itself, but I found why later.

The subconscious mind observed that if I back lit the C911 shape, the shadow creates the outline of  word call. This observation made the  Call 911 poster came to life.

How do I like my thoughts?

The design thinking is a process we use to find new ideas, solutions to specific problems. These solutions comes from subconscious mind, in different type of information bits and impulses. Some time these abstract or odd associations look bizarre when they are hit by first logical thought.

My belief is that a deeper understanding of the psychoanalysis makes us better designers. That’s, how I do like my thoughts! Deep Freud.

Darth Vader

As a package designer I’ve noticed that if I make a cut in the classic french-fries package to create a holder for the sauce, this new design makes the mind thinking at the Darth Vader Mask. A simple observation made this creative poster real.

This will work great for the next Star Wars movie as a promotional item.

Oaia cu Tu Peux!

A poster reinterpretation from the original one I’ve made for the Design Expo in 2006, when I was a student at National University of Arts George Enescu Iasi.

I’ve selected this work to share my new vision and style progress as a designer from 2006 to 2018. In this interpretation the character is in a more dynamic pose.


One of the fears that every designer try to avoid is the risk of overlapped work. 2.0lly poster helped me  to overcome this unease, by cloning my own work “Oaia cu tu peux!” poster.

Dolly was the first cloned animal, and for me 2.0lly was the first cloned work. It helped the event to inherit some of the success of the previous one.

I’ve made this poster for the presentation where I was invited by the Design Faculty to share my experience as a professional designer, 12 years after the Expo Oaia cu Tu Peux!

Hocus Pocus Focus

The design work is a bumpy road. One time I wondered if there is a magic trick to see the final version of the project. What I found is that there is only one magic trick to get things done, and that is Focus.

Now, if you want Hocus Pocus too,then you better Focus. This is my first 3D artwork featured in a professional 3D magazine.

All this work was done by some observation  with a dose of imaginations in a positive mood. This context formula creates a fertile foundation for the creative work process.

Licensed in design and fine arts, I can affirm that an artist is a professional that desires to describe problems, while a designers want to fix them.

Bistro La Noi

Located in the center of the city, at the edge of the pedestrian street Stefan Cel Mare just few steps  from National Theater, the Orthodox Cathedral,  and close to many hotels , Bistro La Noi, is a warm place to enjoy your coffee, to discover a glass of wine, or to get a tasty brunch.

The space is of the size of a living room that’s gifted with a tall sealing, a bricked wall lit by generous windows. On a few  tables, you can enjoy relaxing music while having your moment. It hosts culural events with live music and is a prefered places in town for many residents and tourists.

Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt nr. 8
IASI 700063

Bistro plin ochi de bunatati,
mic cat o sufragerie.

Multi-layered Events

Social events are part of the Bistro’s culture. Here you often can experience workshops with Henna, paint classes, art and design exopos, mini concerts, books launces, wine tasting, teambuildings or private parties.

During the expo period several  live music events happend. An extra reason to support the idea that Bistro La Noi is a good palce for artists and designers to showcase their work on the wall for the public. Culture is a multilayered phenomenon who needs these oasis of relaxation.

@BistroLaNoi, see you soon!

vlad + think positive

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