Future Sports Equipment & Apparel Contest – Air Smash!

"Congratulations to Vlad Enculescu who has won the Future Sports Equipment and Apparel Contest! We loved the concept, the modeling, and the work that went into creating this interesting equipment. After a long day of work, I think we would all like to play a little A!R SMASH!" Foundry Team

Client: Foundry Modo
Website: foundry.com
Date: March 18 , 2018
Services: Concept Design for Contest


Your creation could be for a sport set in the near future or one that is set in the distant future. The equipment or apparel could be designed for an existing sport or one that hasn’t been played yet. It’s entirely up to you!

All participant have to use Modo to create equipment or apparel for an athletic event that is set in the future!

As with the previous contest, our secret panel of judges will pick one winner.

All entries are due by February 28th 2018 at 23:59 PST

All entries must tag: @Foundry MODO


The idea of this future game started from the fact that our present work is more and more based on brain work, with less time dedicated for sport activities. These jobs are more complex and stressful. Based on this observation, I’ve imagined an active way to do sports in the future, with the help of an AR environment.

The BALL asset in the game is an AR projection on the player’s retina, and the BAT a hybrid with the handle real, and the active end an AR projection.

The gameplay is simple. “A!R SMASH” things around and distress in the process by doing physical activities and score points. The system monitors the levels of cortisol in the player body and gives him dynamic challenges based on sensors readings. The playground happens on an AR layer, with no harm or destruction on the Real environment.

I am honored to see that the judges  liked the concept  and the design of the game, making it the winner of the contest.

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